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Blue Plaque
... "celebrates a person's connection with an actual building and transforms  bricks and mortar into living history. All sorts of buildings are included in the scheme, from the smartest houses to small flats. Plaques bring a house to life and draws attention to the irreplaceable heritage of domestic architecture all around us. There are selection criteria: either one hundred years from birth, or twenty years from death, must have passed for a candidate to be eligible, the building associated with them must still exist, and we only commemorate an individual once...

A History of Blue Plaques 

The idea of erecting "memorial tablets" was first proposed by William Ewart MP.  In 1866 the Society of Arts founded an official plaques scheme. In 1901, the plaques scheme was taken over by London County Council (LCC), which erected nearly 250 plaques over the next 60 years and gave the scheme its popular appeal. It was under the LCC that the blue plaque design as we know it today was adopted, and the selection criteria were formalised. On the abolition of the LCC in 1965, the plaques scheme passed to the Greater London Council (GLC). Since 1986, English Heritage has managed the blue plaques scheme, in London until 1998, and nationally since then.

Plaques around Maghull

 The Olde Forge

  A quote from Tony Robertsons' blog -

"Local history is fascinating and just down the road from our house is Maghull’s newest historical plaque. It commemorates the ‘Old Forge’ that was Maghull’s blacksmith for many years. It is now the lovely home of the Olsen family but prior to them recently renovating the property it had been a place where time had literally stood still. You see the blacksmith business closed many years ago but the property remained as it was the day the business ceased. Only 3 or 4 years ago you could walk right up to the window and be treated to a previous time some of some 40 years ago. Pictured is Mayor of Maghull Geoff Howe with Mayoress Jenny and the Olsen family on the day the new plaque was unveiled."

Frank Hornby

 English inventor of the "Meccano" system

'The Hollies', Station Road

  Frank Hornby   First Factory   "Meccano"   Sefton Video  


George Holden  

English theologian and teacher  

St. Andrews rectory  

School    Open Plaques


Isaac Roberts  

Welsh builder and astronomer

Little Acre

Photos     Brittanica     NASA     Google books


Rafael Sabatinni  

Italian author and dramatist

'Jellys' Corner', Station Road



Lord Vestey  

English shipping magnate

Quarry Brook House

Wiki     Dewhursts


Albany cimema  

Picture Palace

Albany Beatles



Samuel Franklin Cody  

Cody statue

Cody 1861-1913



Sefton Meadows  

Aintree Grand National

Sefton Meadows


William Dunsmore  

Flt Lt W M Dunsmore DFC

William Dunsmore

Maghull Telephone Exchange  

Maghull Telephone Exchange

Maghull telephone exchange 1926 -1968

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