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Want to stay off Windows 10?

Try the Never10 free utility

We presented a short talk on the Raspberry Pi to Formby U3A recently.

The PDF text can be found here

The BBC has   Click Online  learning resources here

We are currently playing with Pi_logo (5K) Raspberry Pi 'starter kit'

With no previous Linux experience it's a steep learning curve but very interesting.

There is a wealth of info on the web and some fascinating uses being made with this relatively inexpensive kit

Qurify is a QR (quick response) code generator. This allows you to generate your own code with a very neat and easy to use interface. Also listed is a PC based reader that scans an image and displays the content.
QRCode reader

Bookboon is a FREE Business, travel and textbooks service


Add the free   calibre   ebook reader and away you go.

Came across Macrium Reflect recently. This utility allows hard disk cloning. It works really well, has an intuitive feel, is English and comes in a FREE edition as well as a 'paid for - supported' version. Highly reccomended.


Heres a handy printout of all the Windows keyboard shortcuts

KB Trifold


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