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Here's an interesting link to a Daily Telegraph article on

'ageing and photography'

Here you will find some of my favourite photography related links. My current camera is a Nikon D60 with 18-55 and 55-200 mm. lenses.

Latest addition is Luminance HDR, a "donationware" HDR imaging package

Norman Koren Test Cards

Norman Koren Stepchart_small_HSL (35K)

Some nice HDR images can be foond here .. here

My latest pics - click on image to view

Coffee Harry_G Reflections Cribbage Max and Harry Tenerife_lizard

Gladioli Thistle Gladioli Gladioli Thistle Chester

hartsop_pano brotherswater

Howarth 1940

strawberryNikon Ava Crosby sky


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